This is a prototype I’m working on: it’s for a game called Tuten-Karma, a point and click adventure game with a black humour streak. This prototype is just the 0.1 release, and is lacking not only a great deal of features but also the other ways in which this scene can be solved (oh, also, narrative context would be good, I guess…).

I’ll be updating t...

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GameJam 2013: “A Shot in the Dark”

GameJam 2013

In January of 2013 I embarked on a journey to make a game in two days with a friend of mine who’s life is primarily steeped in making epic music for film and a friend of his who’s love and knowledge of synthesizers borders on the erotic.

What we came up with is A Shot in the Dark, a First Per...

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Parse the Parcel

Parse the Parcel Image

This game uses the a twist on the Tetris formula inspired by my previous job as nightfiller at a large chain of stores. Early warning: this was my first ever Unity project, was made in a matter of days and suffered greatly for both of those things. This prototype hails from November of 2010.

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Oh noes; Asteroids! (…and some profit, too)

Oh Noes Asteroids Image

As a small experiment in design and to practice my Unity development I decided to make Asteroids with a few touch-ups to mechanics here and there (more on this later). This game was made in February, 2012 in Unity as a part of spending my  free time being anti-social.

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And so it begins…


My name is Krister Collin and I’m an aspiring Games Designer currently studying in Sydney, Australia.

I’ll be using this site as a platform for what I think, instructional/tutorial-style things and a showcase of my work. My interests lie predominantly in game design – but don’t end there –  with communication, technology, programming, philosophy and anthropology taking a lot of my thinking power… And yes, I plan on discussing all these subjects a lot, so you have been warned.

Enjoy the read!


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